Take a bow to the Bow Tie Man - WEIXU WANG
Wang Weixu, a graduate from the Department of Architecture and Environmental Design at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, made the transition from architecture to accessory design in 2011, establishing his personal accessory brand WEIXU WANG in Shanghai.
WEIXU WANG's designs are simple, three-dimensional, and unique, and they have their own distinctive aura. Wang Weixu derives inspiration from geometric aesthetics and modern architectural art, creating singularly stylistic designs. Wang Weixu uses powerful architectural frameworks and minimalistic geometric lines, but his works consistently cushion the hardness of architecture with elegant softness, and demonstrate an attention to detail within the simple minimalism.
WEIXU WANG is also distinguished by its unique materials and bold outlines. Inspired by the unique textures and structures of various materials, Weixu Wang created a series of bowties based on the principles of sculpture and three-dimensional paper folding. Ceramic, metal, wood, organic glass, plastic, leather, cork, and fabric are combined, telling the story behind each material. Pure, artistic architectural techniques are used to create new bowtie designs.
WEIXU WANG's designs are for the modern, stylish man seeking perfection in their quality of life. The bowtie is no longer limited to its customary role as a symbol of formality and tradition. Instead, it becomes a symbol of contemporary times, while exuding the aura of a vintage gentleman. It transcends time, and exists outside of it, as if it has always been there, waiting for the right person to come along. The bowtie, like a work of art, becomes something worth collecting for its aesthetic value. Additionally, the non-traditional designs of the bowtie also mean that it is no longer meant only for men.

設計師 王偉旭 
畢業于廣州美術學院-建築與環境藝術設計系2011年由建築跨界到配飾設計,在中國上海創立個人配飾品牌WEIXU WANG。
本質上講,WEIXU WANG的設計是簡單的,三維的,也是獨特和有氣場的。品牌設計師衷情于幾何美學和建築現代藝術,從中汲取靈感並創造出風格獨特的系列,而無論是有力硬朗的建築式廓形,亦或是極簡純美的幾何線條,一直秉持著建築與優雅柔軟相糅合,極簡中透露細節的設計理念。
獨特的材質,張弛有力的廓形是WEIXU WANG的標籤。靈感來自不同的材料的材質與結構,以雕塑藝術與立體折紙為設計廓形重新塑造領結。運用陶瓷、金屬、木頭、有機玻璃、塑膠、皮革、軟木、面料等等材料進行完美平衡的搭配,將有故事的元素與特殊材料相互結合,配以或純粹或藝術的結構構築手法打造全新的領結造型。
WEIXU WANG為摩登、優雅、追求完美生活品質的男性而設計。其設計的領結/蝴蝶結不再是正式、傳統的象徵,它們有這個時代的特徵,又帶著老紳士的氣息,跨越了時間,就像一直都安靜存在於那裡。它可以像藝術品一樣,因富有觀賞性而被收入囊中珍藏;又因款式的非傳統,使得它不再只屬於男性。

オリジナルブランド WEIXU WANGデザイナー
王偉旭  広州美術学院建築技術専攻から卒業し、建築デザインの経験があり、服装デザイン仕事をした。2011年、WEIXU WANGブランドを創立し、ハンドメイド蝶ネクタイを主要製品としする。量産ではなく、材質と手作りにこだわる。WEIXU WANG のデザインはシンプル、立体的、特別である。創作材料は陶磁、有機グラス、プラスティック、本革とウッドがある。