Take a bow to the Bow Tie Man

Wang Weixu, a graduate from the Department of Architecture and Environmental Design at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, made the transition from architecture to accessory design in 2011, establishing his personal accessory brand WEIXU WANG in Shanghai.

WEIXU WANG's designs are simple, three-dimensional, and unique, and they have their own distinctive aura. Wang Weixu derives inspiration from geometric aesthetics and modern architectural art, creating singularly stylistic designs. Wang Weixu uses powerful architectural frameworks and minimalistic geometric lines, but his works consistently cushion the hardness of architecture with elegant softness, and demonstrate an attention to detail within the simple minimalism.

WEIXU WANG is also distinguished by its unique materials and bold outlines. Inspired by the unique textures and structures of various materials, Weixu Wang created a series of bowties based on the principles of sculpture and three-dimensional paper folding. Ceramic, metal, wood, organic glass, plastic, leather, cork, and fabric are combined, telling the story behind each material. Pure, artistic architectural techniques are used to create new bowtie designs.

WEIXU WANG's designs are for the modern, stylish man seeking perfection in their quality of life. The bowtie is no longer limited to its customary role as a symbol of formality and tradition. Instead, it becomes a symbol of contemporary times, while exuding the aura of a vintage gentleman. It transcends time, and exists outside of it, as if it has always been there, waiting for the right person to come along. The bowtie, like a work of art, becomes something worth collecting for its aesthetic value. Additionally, the non-traditional designs of the bowtie also mean that it is no longer meant only for men.